Happy 50th Post!

No more ball of wax…

Waxing is uncomfortable there is no denying that, but over time it diminishes the growth of hair under the skin so the more you do it the less it will come back (and let’s go ahead and lay that old wives tale “if you shave it only grows back blacker and thicker” to rest.  It’s not true. If it were, our spring time shave would be nearly if not actually impossible at this point in our lives).

Sally Hansen makes a product that makes the whole waxing experience a little less-ew.  Wax strips! No microwaving, no heat on top of the already painful experience, no mess.  It’s the closest thing you can get to having a comfortable waxing as far as I’m concerned. All you have to do is pull one out (and they come in multiple sizes) rub it between your hands for thirty seconds, peal apart and apply then harshly un-apply of course but if you do it fast it won’t hurt too much.

And if afterward you are prone to experiencing those little bumps that look a lot like pimples then make sure right after you wax use the blue liquid included to get the wax residue off your face then slather on some Cortaid which is for minor skin irritations and really does the trick (waxing at night then leaving the Cortaid on over night is really the best way to go).

Thanks for reading the spiff! I can’t think of a better way to use the 50th post then with talking about waxing :)

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