Good News for All You Dress Shoppers

I bopped into New York & Co. in West Town Mall earlier this week to pick up some earrings for my Easter dress and I stumbled upon (not really because I was purposefully walking in there) their gorgeous spring dress collection!

If you’ve waited till this weekend to grab your Easter dress, definitely put then on your list of places to check out.

Because not only do they have a fabulous selection, but they also have an amazing sale going on! Plus if you’re a AAA member, you can always show your card and get an additional 20% off. I truly can’t think of any more good news to bring you my friends, short of showing up at your house right now and throwing glitter everywhere…(but that would require you cleaning it up, so more good news – you don’t have to clean up glitter!).

Hide hips and bum with the first two options below; disguise a rounder mid section and thicker arms with the blue wrap dress; and with the last dress, add shape (plus a little va-va-voom) to a straight figure, or show off your figure if you’re an hourglass!

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For a more in-depth guide to buying for your body type, and for some more beautiful Easter dress options, click here!

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