A Patterned Skirt and a Well Layered Little Boy

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A patterned skirt and a well dressed little boy are probably two things on a long list of my favorites (a list which also includes bread and the sound of walking through snow).

They also happen to be two of the things I’ve written about on the Knoxville Families Magazine website this month. I wanted to provide the links to those articles so you can enjoy.

The skirt came from Forever21 in West Town Mall, and Jackson’s outfit came from…all over the place but mostly Old Navy and GAP Kids.

A patterned skirt can do a lot more than you realize. Read what all it can go with and what it can do for a last minute look.

And while I’m not unearthing fashion secrets with this next post, my hope is that it will help inspire looks for little boys in your life.

Once you’re done reading those, be sure to read about the perfect shopping outfit. It is, after all, shopping season! Whoop whoop!


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