The Makeup Brush Everyone’s Been Yammering About

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How do you react to makeup trends?

Do you jump on them the minute you see something new, or do you wait it out and let it get all the way down to a Walgreen’s knock off before you try it?

I have varying reactions when it comes to trends. When a makeup trend rolls around, I want to try it right away. I’m in bed watching makeup tutorials wondering if Target carries what they’re talking about so I can go get it YESTERDAY.

But clothing trends I like to let settle down and get passed around before I decide if it’s “me” or not.

When I heard about this new foundation brush, I wanted to be all over it. To the point where I heavily considered dropping $50 on the name brand brush from Net-A-Porter (I’m still not against that, but we’ll see).

So this brush I’m referring to looks like a hair brush (or a large toothbrush for giants with humongous teeth). And it’s said to give you an airbrush look.


I don’t know what it’s non-branded name is. The fancy pants one on Net-A-Porter is called the Artis Brush. The one I used is it’s $16 counter part on Amazon.

I watched a video review on the difference between them both and the reviewer said there wasn’t a huge noticeable difference. I figured I’d drop $16 now, see if I like it and move onto the better version come birthday time.

Here are the pro’s and con’s:


I’ve stayed away from liquid foundations because I don’t want to apply it with my hand. This brush is a great way to get it everywhere without having to use your fingers, and really does a great job of spreading it around.

I also like the fact that it doesn’t seem to soak up a lot of product. It’s been compared to the beauty blender and comes out on top because it doesn’t soak up as much. When you drop some serious cash on foundation, you want to get the most out of it.

It’s pretty easy to use around the contours of my face. It’s pretty easy to use in general. I would recommend watching a video or two before hand, but overall I was pretty comfortable with it right off the bat.


It didn’t deliver the “airbrush” quality that I thought it would BUT that could be the foundation I was using. (DANG YOU FOUNDATION). I’m also testing out new liquids and I’m not happy with my first trial run, so maybe once I find the right foundation it will act better.

They said this brush would make it so that you would only have to use very little amounts of foundation (again, this could be the LAMO foundation I was using), I didn’t see that to be the case. I had to use what I thought was a “regular” amount. A medium sized amount, a grande, if you will.

I can see where this brush would be great for blending. I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos where they talk about using the same brush for foundation application and contouring. I don’t know how they do that putting all those colors on the same brush and not look like a circus freak. But hey, these women are strong enough to put their bare face on the internet for all to see, so… #respect.

It is something fun to get that will shake up your routine without having to spend a lot of dough.

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