Two Unexpected Ways to Use Coconut Oil

The coconut is having a good year.

In the store the other day I noticed there’s no shortage of coconut-related products. All of our basic essentials – sugar, water, oil, milk – have been taken over by this tasty and wildly healthy fruit…? Fruit right? No, I just looked it up, it’s part of it’s OWN species. Ooo fancy.

Which further proves my point…this thing is becoming a bit of a diva.

But we’ll take an edible/slather-able diva that will help us feel and look better any day, right?

Let me share with you two new ways the coconut can be introduced into your beauty routine.

Coconut Oil Nails

We knew this stuff was a great moisturizer, but who knew it could do this!?

april fools joke, beauty blog, beauty hack

I found this online and didn’t believe it until I tried it myself. Take your favorite blush and mix about 1/2 a teaspoon of it with a full teaspoon of coconut oil (per nail, by the way so it works out to 5 teaspoons of blush, 10 teaspoons of coconut oil). Then slather on a thick coating of the mixture on each nail, making sure to mold it into the shape of your nail. Then hold your hand under a hair dryer for a full two minutes. Once it’s dry it looks like you got a professional manicure!

Something else that’s quite unexpected is creating an eyeshadow by using it and another simple household ingredient…baking soda!

april fools joke, beauty blog, beauty hack

By mixing equal parts of the two together vigorously (I used a small spatula for about a minute), they combined to create this perfect color that has the consistency of a creamy eyeshadow. And because it’s made up of coconut oil it moisturizes your eyes as you wear it throughout the day. The downside is it does crease by the end of the day, even if you’ve applied a primer. However, the benefits to your skin and the color that it leaves behind, far outweigh the down side of looking wilted and droopy by 5pm.

So…when are you going to try these awesome beauty hacks?

I hope it’s today because it’s a great April Fools joke!

#gotcha :-P

*The nail color I’m actually wearing in the picture is OPI, “Lucky Lucky Lavender.”

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