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This week we’re talking about ways to love the image you’re presenting to the world this year.
Starting at the top…

Having a hair cut you love is a huge part of being comfortable in your own skin. And I know first hand how frustrating it can be conveying what you want to the person holding the sharp object near your eyes while you sit with your hands practically tied behind your back.

Here are a few pointers I have found to help convey exactly what you want them to do…
And if you don’t yet have a hair dresser you like, these can also serve as little check points for when you “date” around trying to find that perfect match (if you live where I live, you’re breaking the ten commandments if you’re going anywhere but Salon Barnes and Barnes in Market Square).

1. Show and Tell
When you say how much length you want off, show with your fingers where you want your hair to land. Sometimes your inch isn’t their inch, so literally holding your hair where you want it to end up is the clearest of clear communication.

2. Don’t Be Shy
If they start doing something you don’t like, ask a question like, “what does that technique do?” or “Can you explain why you’re putting tin foil in my hair for just a trim?” In other words, don’t be afraid to speak up. You’re going to have to live with whatever they’re doing, they won’t.

3. Shut Up and Listen
If you feel you’ve acurately conveyed the look you’re going for (and by that I mean, you’ve brought pictures, discussed your style and how you want it to work within that), stop for a second and ask what they think. To me the best hair stylist (again, Salon Barnes and Barnes) listen to what you say, shake it up in their well trained head and spit out what could work even better for you. Jennifer Aniston’s stylist was the one who suggested her famous layered look and even though she wasn’t a fan, she went with it. Now, it’s FA-MOUS. Did you catch that word the first time? Listen to what they have to say.

4. Be Clear
I promise this isn’t an ad and I do understand I’ve got a bit of an advantage here because I go to church with my hair dresser, but one thing I love about him is he looks at how I wear my every day hair and thinks about ways to make it easier for me to style. My bangs, for example, he suggested a long time ago that they be cut at an angle since I like to wear them to the side-yeah, I didn’t listen. About a month ago, I let him do it and I’ve been having heavenly hair days ever since. If you don’t see yours outside the salon, tell them how you style it. Ask them how the cut can cater to your 5 am shower, scrunch and go schedule. Chances are they’ll make that a heck of a lot easier.

Believe it or not, a year of good hair days is possible. And you know what else? Knowing just how to style it is too because, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” -Philippians 4:13
It works!

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