Oh the Places a White Long Sleeve Top Will Go

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This winter I’ve determined to give my closet an overhaul. There are pieces in there that I haven’t touched in many, many seasons. So as soon as I get the chance, I’m going to clean it out.

What I want to fill it back up with are easy tops like this one. It’s comfortable, versatile and (most importantly of all) really cute.

I was happy to first grab it in white because to me a white kind of slouchy top like this totally reads off-duty super model. Does it read that to any one else? Probably not, but I carry myself a little more like Miranda Kerr when I’m wearing it so whatever helps. Ha.

It’s a great transitional top, especially for this time of year when quick transitions from work to family/friend Christmas parties is a constant thing.

At work I can wear it with nice jeans, patterned shoes and some earrings. Then after leaving there, I can throw on a sparkly scarf over top and be warm and festive in seconds. I’ve said before that wearing white to a winter evening event is totally unexpected, so burst through those expectations and try something like this.

It will also work well as a layering piece since the arms are so tight and it drapes nicely in the front.

Get your own at the great new-ish store in West Town Mall called Fiore. It’s right across from Charming Charlies!

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