Graphic Sweaters You’ll Actually Like

Out shopping a couple weeks ago, I kept coming across graphic sweaters with the most random objects on them.

There was one knit sweater that just had a picture of a pear. A pear. I feel as if I would have to be knee-deep in the pear business or at least have eaten a pair in the last 15 years for it to warrant space on my clothing.

That’s why I decided to seek out some cute graphic sweaters that not only make sense, but could be worn without eliciting confused looks from those around you.

All of these, by the way, can be found at West Town Mall!

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1. A great way to ease into the graphic trend is with this bubble print sweater from The Limited. It’s a fun fresh take on polka dots, and the darker sleeves will help disguise larger arms for a truly flattering look.

2. JCP got into the graphic game with this happy orange and white print. Buying sweaters like this is such a smart thing to do this time of year as they’ll keep you warm in the cold, and have you looking bright and attractive as spring approaches.

3. The Limited does such a great job of turning up the volume on classic pieces. This graphic bow sweater is a perfect way to go if you’re a bow-lover. You get to sport a girly look without the hassle of keeping the bow tied or fluffed up.

4. Anyone else think of ice cream when they read this “a la mode” phrase? Banana Republic has us craving sweets with this equal parts fun and sophisticated piece. It’s just enough text to give the sweater a great look, without being too overdone. This would look so chic under a blazer.

5. Never let it be said that I’ll shy away from letting my clothes do the complimenting for me. I love a good brag sweater (as long as the brag doesn’t make me sound like a floozy). This sweater pretty much spells it all out, pick up your own at Forever21 and rock it with confidence – there’s no other way to wear something like this.

6. I threw in one more Forever21 graphic option just for fun. Since I’m pregnant with a boy I thought this one would be funny to wear once I started showing. Of course I’m certain people would still ask what I was having in which case I would just point to the sweater. Boom. Other than that I’m not sure why you would want a sweater with just the word “boy” on it, but to each his own.

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