For a Moment…


Pretend you love cold weather.

Just one moment. 
Ok you ready?
It’s snowing!
I LOVE that it’s snowing in March! And that I have fellow winter lovers like you to share this happiness with ;)
One thing I’m trying to build my wardrobe around right now are all my favorite cozy winter items and colors. Pretty soon the brights are going to be switched on and lighter materials will be coming out of hibernation. So around this time of year when it’s still cold, I like to do what I call the, “best of” rotation.
I take all my favorite winter articles of clothing and give them another round. This way I squeeze all of the love out while I can, and I feel as if I’m completely ready for spring clothes when it comes time for them.
Today, for example I’ve busted out a dark maroon top that I know won’t be able to see the light of day for a little while, along with a waterfall jacket that’s one of my Forever21 favorites. Oh and I can’t forget one of my favorite articles of clothing I own-my Forever21 winter coat. I love this thing so much I’m going to get the buttons changed out just so I can keep it around longer!
Also, snuggle up in your favorite winter coat! Or if your favorite winter sweater has some sparkles on it, here’s a pass to wear it to the office! Do it so that you can wear it and love it again, plus unexpected sparkles (just this one time) may brighten the day of someone else who’s wishing it were warm.
It’s a good way to keep your attitude up if you’re ready for 75 degree temps. Wear what you loved most about winter and you’ll squeeze a little goodness out of a cold situation.
As usual, if anyone needs a winter pep talk, feel free to see me-I love love love the cold and snow!
Ok, feel free to switch back to a winter-hater now. Thanks for appeasing me ;)

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