Why You Need an Angled Brush

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Fingers crossed I win some kind of award for blog with the most pictures of closed eyes. ;)

Really I just wanted to show you why you need an angled eye liner brush. Not only does it help deliver a smooth line, but it also has turned out to be the best tool for filling in eye brows.

The brush I use is this one by MAC. I love it.Now if it makes you nervous and you’re getting ready to click away from this because you’re thinking you’ll never try it…hold on!

You can always start/practice with the brush by using eye shadow. Instead of going with a liner right off the bat, get your favorite dark shadow and line your eyes using the brush that way. It’s a great way to change up your look and give your eyes a softer smokey eye if you want. And wait, there’s more…wet the brush before dipping it in your eye shadow and give it even more definition.

And finally, if you want to try the brush but you don’t want to buy it and a pot of liner you can always run the angled brush over your eye liner stick to pick up some color then apply it to your lids.

Listen, practice really does help with this so if you want the professional look of eye liner, get yourself an angled brush (or put it on your Christmas list)!

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