The Perfect Denim Jacket for Your Body Type

If your closet was a pantry, a denim jacket would be the all-purpose flour.

Useful in so many ways and often used to tone things down.

Throw one on over sun dresses and little slinky tops to make them more office appropriate. Wear it with white pants or black pants. Make a fancier dress more casual, or give shape to your shapeless pieces.

And it’s not just perfect for spring and summer. A good denim jacket will be with you through fall, so it’s a really good investment. I’ll go as far to say it’s a classic.

Which is why it’s so important to choose one that’s going to flatter your body type and make you look magically delicious. To help, I’ve put together this guide to show you which ones will work for your frame…
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1. Hide your hips with this longer denim jacket from Dillard’s. It hits a little below where the hips start which helps to visually balance them out.

2. Give a straight figure more curves with a darker Tommy Hilfiger jacket. The larger pockets add bulk in the right places, and it tapers in the back in giving a curve-less figure some va-va-voom!

3. For petites, JCPenney gets it right. This jacket helps petite frames in that it hits right at the waist/top of hips, and the vertical lines helps create the illusion of length. Also, make sure the sleeves are rolled up so the jacket doesn’t overwhelm your frame.

4. If you’re rounder in the middle, this darker denim blazer from Zappos  is the answer. The darts helps it taper in which defines a waist line for a rounder figure and the open collar with the blazer structure opens up the jacket and creates a great skinny line right down your middle.

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