The Pants that Flatter Everyone

I’ve always wanted to be able to pick pocket.

Not because I want to steal things from people, but because I think being so slick with your movements and expertly diverting the attention of your target is so cool and smooth. Thankfully I can channel this weird desire for a life of crime into how I get dressed.

Picking and pairing clothes that flatter your body involves being a master of illusion, because we get to divert attention from where we don’t love to where we do.

And while there are rules and guidelines for every body type, every once in a while there’s a piece that really flatters everyone. Like fuller pants.

Think of this fuller pants shape as the magical jeans you could form a sisterhood around.

A fuller shaped pant or jean balances out the shape of someone who is bigger on top, they give your body shape if you’re straight up and down, and when worn to the ground with high heels they make even the most petite legs look miles long. You can also pull them off if you have a bigger bum, but be sure to pair them with a jacket or sweater (to balance you out) and always always wear them with something that highlights your tiny waistline.

Here are the options I’ve picked out for you – all found at West Town Mall.

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1. The Limited: Show off your best summer heels with these full culottes.

2. Banana Republic: They’re cool in every sense and would look great with a light weight summer tee and necklaces.

3. American Eagle: Loose and comfortable? Yes! Wear them with a tighter top to balance out their flow.

4. GAP: Office appropriate and perfect for summer especially when paired with a tucked in shirt and blazer.

5. Dillard’s: A dressier version of the linen pant, which means you could wear these to all kinds of summer functions.

Think about this too – their flow-y fit really mimics the airiness of a maxi dress so they are great for warmer weather (especially on that very rare occasion where you haven’t shaved your legs)!

Maternity note: I bought a pair from Gap that have an elastic waistband so I’ve been able to wear them now throughout the pregnancy and later – which is awesome!

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