Why This is the Best Purse Ever

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I’m writing this with hair that should have been washed DAYS ago, scrunched up in my car in the Starbucks parking lot while Jackson takes a nap in the back (can I get a “Whoop Whoop” for car seat naps!).

I’m telling you that to prove just how much I need a hands-free purse. My hands have enough to do. Right now they need to be washing my hair that’s way past the point of being saved by dry shampoo. Ewww.

Now I feel as if I need to take a shower before I start to write about these gorgeous bags…

I have to spread the word about Vera Bradley’s cross body’s. I HAVE TO.

I’ve carried a lot of crossbody bags in my day, but none of them have been built as well as a Vera bag. They pull off the magic trick of crafting a bag small enough to fit on your hip, but large enough inside to hold a lot.

Case and point? Yesterday I carted around a green tea in addition to everything else I put in the bag (like my ginormous wallet) and I forgot about it. I had gotten it with my Publix sub, but put it in my bag for later. It didn’t bulk up the bag (even though it’s not small), there was plenty of room for all.

It’s magic. That’s the only logical explanation.

Here’s the next greatest thing about this bag – it can be a hand bag if you want it. I love the fact that I can detach the cross body strap and instantly up the fancy factor.

Vera does a great job using the softest leather that looks great and smells wonderful. The bag I bought last year, still has that new car smell!

Even better news? I believe in these bags so much, I’ll be in the Vera Bradley store at West Town Mall this Saturday talking about their new line from 1-3. Come by and just say hi!

Their store is so fancy and fun, I’m so excited to see you there!

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