What to Buy This Tax Free Weekend

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Several years ago I went shopping in Atlantic City. That town has no sales tax on clothes, so I felt as if everything was secretly on sale to me. What is it about that tiny 10% discount that has us running free through racks of clothing?

I remember I bought a pair of black Banana Republic jeans and later lost $10 at a casino. I wore out those jeans and won $10 off a gas station lottery ticket on the way home – so win! Win!

You can win too this weekend by stocking up on closet essentials.

These pieces in the segment will help other items in your closet get more use. Not to mention that I stood back and thought of 8 different outfits I could create around these five items alone!

Here’s what to stock up on this tax-free weekend…

There’s a Dillard’s sale going on – be sure to check out my picks!

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