Your Shoulder Wants a New Fall Bag

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Vera Bradley has been around for a long time. I remember as a teenager, sitting in my friends kitchen the morning after a sleepover and watching her older sister pick out her favorite bag from the Vera Bradley magazine.

I realize now that I framed that to sound like I was a teenager a long time ago – no, no, friends, that was fairly recent ;)

My point was it was popular back then (basically 5 years ago) and is still popular today. Those of you who were a teenager way way back in the beginning of the 2000’s probably remember it to.

The brand is known for its high quality bags, and up until recently carried them only in fun prints. Prints I always liked to look at because of their kaleidoscope-esque effect, but never wanted to carry because they didn’t reflect my style.

Well, some smart cookie over at Vera has suggested they break out of that fabric covered box and start making other options.

In the past several years, Vera has introduced leather, quilted leather and calf hair bags all to more fittingly reflect the style of the less girly among us *raises hand.

Pictured above are several options from these looks – notice a great range of style, size and color. Vera really nailed it with great options. The cheetah-print bag includes the calf hair and is so very beautiful.

The red Alexa shoulder bag would punch up any outfit like a bold lip – classic, gorgeous and won’t leave a mess on your coffee cup.

I especially love the cross-body options. They’ve done a great job of maximizing space in the small amount of bag. Both flaps in the black bag (bottom left) open up to different compartments.

And I’ve got to say they really nailed the taupe color (top left). I’ve looked far and wide for a great taupe colored bag and it turns out Vera Bradley is one of few to carry the color in what I consider to be a true taupe.

The good news is for all you pattern lovers, open any of these bags to reveal a gorgeous, colorful pattern inside which would go along way to elevate your mood every time you look in your purse.

Stop in and see these bags in person (and pet a calf hair bag or two) at the Vera Bradley in West Town Mall, right inside the Charming Charlie entrance!

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