Why Your Whole Body Needs These (Natural) Products

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Delicious smells, pronounceable ingredients.

Last year I lost some weight. Turns out carbs and sugar aren’t as good for your butt as kale and exercise is – DANG IT. In doing that, I took a hard look at what I eat and have made some changes. In the past, I’ve never been able to really think about ingredients or chemicals being bad for me, because ridding my life of them seemed overwhelming.

But once I saw how easily I could change how I eat, I started slowly taking a look at everything I was putting ON my body and not just in.

Which is why I’m super excited about Fresh Kale Bath Company. I first wrote about them here and am again writing about them simply out of a love for their products.

I’m currently using their lavender “Sleepy Time” lotion, pillow/body spray (same scent), their solid perfume (in Gold), and this, their facial moisturizer in “Silk”.

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I won’t bore you with all the ingredients, all though it wouldn’t be a bore, because there are so few in each one. I will tell you that they’re all recognizable and pronounceable. The knowledge of which makes lathering on this silky smooth lotion all the more relaxing.

It soaks in quickly, it leaves my skin feeling soft and it’s going to take me forever to finish that tiny bottle because a little goes a long way. All the benefits of a very expensive moisturizer without shelling out all the cash. This facial lotion was $20.

Recently I read that it’s the simpler products that really do your skin the most good, so I’m glad to have that peace of mind with these items from Fresh Kale. I’m also happy to support a family owned business! It’s a mother/daughter team that head this store up – and they make all their products in-store. Friends, IT DOESN’T GET FRESHER THAN THAT.

Do you skin a favor and stop in to see them.

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