What to Wear to Meet Santa

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Anyone else run out of things to exclaim when looking at kids clothes?

In my head it’s, “oh my goodness”, “too cute!” and “that’s adorable” on an endless loop. But it’s all so fitting when you see the tiny shoes and the tiny jeans next to the gorgeous shimmery dresses.

Not to mention the tiny coats. Like this faux fur one that really should be made in adult sizes.

All of these pieces can be found at Gap Kids in West Town Mall. I could put some real Pinterest pinners to shame with the amount of time I could spend putting kids outfits together.

What’s fun about tiny clothes is that you don’t really have to think about working around whether it’s going to hide their hips or not. You don’t have to worry if the dress is going to flatter a pear shape or hide broad shoulders. Instead, it’s all about colors and textures and mixing and matching. So fun.

Unleash yourself this holiday season and send your kids out the door to meet Santa in the cutest clothes possible from Gap Kids.

To see the times Santa’s available for pictures and to get the link for making your picture reservation, click here.

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