What to Buy Tax Free

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And the sales just keep on coming…

We’re about to hit tax free weekend, which means the sales are just getting deeper.

There’s really no wrong thing to buy during this time unless you fall in love with something over $100 in which case, you’re going to pay tax.

But I did want to pull together options of one particular item I like to look at this time of year (honestly, I’d buy this piece all day any day). And that’s a good jacket. I bought the one I’m wearing in the picture from Banana Republic on tax free weekend years and years ago. It still looks great and I didn’t pay more than $60 for it.

It’s hard to get your hands on a well made jacket at a deep deep discount unless you’re buying out of season. But right now with sales the way they are and at the very least a 10% discount (no tax), you can get your hands on a quality piece you’ll wear with so many things for so many years.

Here is a round up of my favorites from two stores in West Town Mall…White House Black Market and Chico’s.

White House Black Market:

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This metallic jacket *heart eyes* would go so beautifully over a summer dress now and just as easily pair with a black shirt, dark jeans and heels at Christmas time.

white house black market jacket, blazers, west town mall, knoxville fashion

From now until the end of time, a black blazer will always be a thing.

I stand by that statement and not just because I love both black things and blazers. They’re a staple in any closet, even if it never sees the inside of a boardroom. Get a well made version (with stretch!) in this classic shape.


My current denim jacket came from Chico’s. It was the answer to all my denim jacket needs and relatively inexpensive for a good denim jacket – right under $100. So I’m going to continue keeping an eye on Chico’s jacket options. Take a look at the couple I found that you might also enjoy…

chicos, west town mall chicos, knoxville fashion, black denim jacket

I wore this jacket on air one time and got multiple compliments from the people in studio. I was just borrowing it but you better believe I’m going for it at some point. The nice thing about a black denim is you can wear it with jeans without doing exact denim on denim. It also acts as a more casual answer to a blazer. Yep, I’m going for it.

chicos, west town mall chicos, denim jacket, where to find a good denim jacket

This is the lighter version of the jacket I own. I was drawn to it because of the lack of pockets (wanted to stay far away from the ho-down vibe), the long lines in the front (so flattering) and the stretchy fit. It’s probably the most comfortable denim jacket I’ve ever worn.

Don’t hesitate to buy yourself something this weekend that you’ll reach for over and over again – and love doing it!



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