The Only Four Jackets You Need

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Where does your love for jackets fall on a scale of one to THEY ARE EVERYTHING?


Recently I was putting together a look in my head for an event I have coming up. I asked myself a question to help determine what look I would go with. The question I asked is one you should often ask yourself, because your answer is a great tool!

I asked myself, “What article of clothing do I feel the most ‘me’ in?”

The answer? A jacket.

So if your love for jackets couldn’t fill the ocean like mine can (ok maybe a really, really big lake), then you only need these four jackets. Otherwise, buy all the jackets!!!

The two blazers pictured are from Banana Republic (which is one of my favorite stops in West Town Mall). You don’t have to buy a pink blazer, but one that’s a pop of color would do wonders for all your neutrals. Not to mention the possibilities it holds when paired with boyfriend jeans, heels and a graphic tee.

The gingham pattern is a fun one too! Throw it over an all black ensemble with some gold jewelry and leopard heels – OH MAMA.

The denim jacket and army green casual jacket are from GAP (another great stop in the mall). Each can get thrown over a multitude of sun dresses. Which is one of my favorite ways to create a spring look…that I use well into summer. Truly, throw either of these on with most things in your closet and it will work. Especially if you’re going for the athleisure look.

I will do whatever it takes to make you a believer in the power of jackets. Start with any of these this spring and you’ll soon be salivating as you shop for them like I do! …Or…er I mean, some really crazy people do that need to calm it down…not me though. Good.

Psst: I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to jackets!! 

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