Spring Neutral – Army Green

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While I continue to grow truck-loads of respect for anyone who has ever moved, please enjoy this post from March 2015.

Army green is still one of my go-to’s for spring. In fact, I’m currently shopping white jeans to wear with my jacket. I promise to return to the blogging world Wednesday and have got some exciting news to share, so be sure to check back then!

As much as I mourn the loss of tights and boots (eventually…I will wear them sporadically until Easter – Shhh) I am excited about all the kinds of clothing changes spring brings.

Like this guy – army green!

For those of you thinking army green is the LAST color you’d associate with spring outfits, I’ve included color swatches there on the side to show just how far this spring neutral can go.

Pair it with bright pink, light pink, coral, stripes, leopard, even some lighter greens will pair with it beautifully. And most of the time it can go with either silver or gold accessories (if you can find anyone selling silver anymore!). And, of course, it plays well with other neutrals like white and black.

An army green jacket becomes part of my regular rotation this time of year. This one from Dillard’s at West Town Mall is a great supplement for your jean jacket. Since the days/nights are still cool at times, it’s great to have something that can get thrown over so many other items.

Speaking of throwing over things, I love this Fossil bag from Belk. I just don’t think you even realize how fluidly this will work into your closet. A great cross-body bag like this will go with so many things while breaking you out of the boring black box (I’m preaching to myself with that line).

I included a layered necklace from Altar’d State because I wanted to show that those lighter pastel colors work well with the darker, more masculine color. In fact, it would create a great balanced look.

And finally, for the more adventuresome among us there are cargo jogger pants at Charlotte Russe. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear these with a belly baring shirt, or heels for that matter. Pair them with crisp white Keds and a striped tee for running errands around town in the chicest way possible.

Listen, you can sit there in your bland neutrals, or you can drop and give me 10 outfits that go with army green! ;)

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