A Good Year for Rose Gold

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Let’s think of Rose Gold as the younger sister to Gold.

She’s the more off-beat of the two. She tans easily and has long untamed hair.

And I just got rid of an entire paragraph of back story I wrote for Rose Gold. I realized you’d probably rather know what to wear her with than to know that she was the unruly child that played pranks on Gold all her life…moving on.

If it’s a trend you’d like to dip into because you like it and not because it is a trend (don’t get me started on THAT), then I would suggested starting small and slowly building.

Sunglasses are a great way to introduce something new to your look. As are the big hoops – both of which (pictured) are from Charming Charlie. All of which, can be found in West Town Mall.

Everything I have pictured is a nice small toe-dip into the new metallic hue.

The clutch is probably my favorite. It’s from Banana Republic and it can CHARGE YOUR PHONE inside! If that doesn’t say, welcome to 2017, I don’t know what does.

The heels from Dillard’s would look great with a gray or cream dress. And since mules are also high on the list of trends for 2017, you can hit two trends in one with that pair pictured (also from Dillard’s). Those would gorgeously dress up a simple shirt and jeans look.

Overall, substitute your yellow gold with this new rose hue. It brings a softness to your look (which is probably why I may use it very sparingly. I don’t want to say never….but, you know, chances are slim that I’ll wear it). Pair it with neutrals like taupe, nude or white; or let it compliment something you own in turquoise!

But first and foremost, always wear it because you love it and you feel confident in it!

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