Quit Searching, I Found Your Dream Bag

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Why are pockets so magical?

What is it about those secret little corners? I don’t know that we need to really dig down and figure it out, but I tell you, pockets are everything.

They also happen to be one of the biggest reasons I love Vera Bradley bags.

I have carried several big name brand bags (and drooled in person over more than I can count), but the biggest thing that sets Vera bags apart from all the rest – they really think about a woman’s needs.

We need to access our phone quickly.

There’s an easily accessible phone pocket in just about every Vera purse.

We need to hide stuff from our kids.

A lot of times they’ll have a hidden pocket that’s built into the front of the bag for keys, snacks, money, flasks (jk).

We need a reason to smile when we’re frantically digging for something someone else needs.

The inside patterns are bold, fun and smile-inducing.

We need our purse to be our safe space.

Whether it’s a flap, zipper or magnet, their purses a way to create a little privacy. What would be great some days is if we could fit inside our purse and just boop it closed. Maybe that’s in the words for their 2018 collection….*fingers crossed.

We need 40 acres of purse space but we want to look like we’re carrying a mint box.

One of my all time favorite purses is from Vera and it’s so freakin’ spacious inside…but it’s a crossbody. My current Vera crossbody (pictured) has often been referred to as a Mary Poppin’s bag, as I can fit several diapers, wipes and multiple packets in addition to my phone and keys.

Why am I pointing all of this out? Because Saturday, July 22 from 2-4 I’ll be at Vera Bradley in West Town Mall talking about my favorite bags, WHY they’re my favorite bags and how you can use them to be stylish in the summer and transition smoothly into fall.

Also, no big deal, but there will be a DISCOUNT during that time!! Whoop! Whoop!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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