On-Trend Easter Dresses for Your Body Type

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For 4 years I rocked an Easter hat.

Not a bonnet but an actual white statement-making, a-hush-falls-over-the-crowd, cue-the-slow-mo-entrence, hat.

It definitely helped getting ready in the morning because not having to do my hair was a huge time-saver. But then, hat hair.

I’m a big advocate for stepped it up a notch on Easter Sunday. To help you do just that, I’ve put together some dress options that will not only flatter different parts of your body, but also fall in line with several of the big spring trends we’ll be seeing this year.

All of these stores are in West Town Mall, so be sure to check out these options while you’re there!

White House Black Market: This dress may look intimidating, but I own one kind of like it and the stretch technology they’ve built into that dress is of scientific proportions. It sucks you in, smooths you out, is super comfortable and “Dang Girl” flattering all at the same time.

  • Trend: Shoulders are the big thing to show off this spring, and I think this dress does it in the most elegant way possible.
  • Body type: This dress would help disguise a larger bum or a little extra in the mid section, as the eye is drawn upwards and the sleeves help to visually balance out your frame.

New York & Co.: Because Easter is coming so early, I’m betting it will be a little cooler this year. Long sleeves will be totally appropriate but perfectly balanced out by the length of this dress.

  • Trend: There was a bit of a Spanish influence on the spring runways and this dress hits that trend without being too costume-y.
  • Body type: These wispy sleeves would cover larger arms, the black tie around the waist would really give you definition. The layers won’t cling but rather flow over any other problem areas and all eyes will be drawn to your tiny calves right below that beautiful (and unexpected) lace detail.

Dillard’s: Twice I’ve rocked a belted shirt dress on Easter (once in kahki and once in black). Both times, I had fun concentrating on pairing it with fabulous shoes as they tend to be the stars of this well-structured show.

  • Trend: OK, no exact trend to point to but this style of dress is a classic. As I’ve said, I’ve rocked it twice and both times it looked current.
  • Body type: Here’s where this dress really earns it’s keep. With the pockets in the positions that they are, they give shape to the shapeless (adding volume in the boob and hip area). Then it masterfully cinches it all in with that waist-carving belt. It would also be good for a petite frame as the long line of the zipper would make you appear taller. But on the other hand, I don’t need a lot of help in the bum and boobs yet it was still flattering on me – so there you go.

The Limited: While floral is a great spring go-to pattern, I think this paisley is so rich and fresh!

  • Trend: Orange was a big color for spring. This is such a lovely way to wear the overt color.
  • Body type: Cover a larger mid section and arms with this sheath shape, and the overall busy (but beautiful) pattern will completely distract the eye from any problem areas.

Ann Taylor: That Ann, she knows how to build a dress.

  • Trend: Pleats are having their moment this spring. I think this dress does pleats in a very Ann Taylor way – timeless yet current.
  • Body type: If your boobs and bum are competing for attention, this dress is a great way to help everyone shine while still giving yourself a waist. It’s also a great option if you’re tall because it’s midi-length. And as a tall girl, I know it’s hard to find dresses that won’t make you look like a hooch.

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