Atlar’d State

Ahoy, Wednesday!

Every week on hump-day I like to pass on a product review, and today I’m taking it to something much bigger than a tube of concealer.

I want to tell you about Altar’d State! This store just recently opened up in West Town Mall, which means we have sooo many fabulous options there now. If you haven’t been in, you really need to find an excuse to get yourself in there (here’s one: you ate today. Go celebrate!)

This store has done a fantastic job of making their corner in the mall look awesome, and oh yeah they have some pretty merchandise as well!

They’re big on “shabby chic” so if that’s what you love – you’re in luck.

altar'd state

If you’re more like me and not so much into the shabby chic, don’t check them off your places to stop because they do have some really pretty jewelry pieces. (Although I will say, that striped top there in the middle, that could fit right up my alley…)

altar'd state

The staff is always super friendly, and it’s just a beautiful place to walk around. So even if you’re not searching for something in particular, take a lap around the store just to feel happy (stop and read their home décor signs while you do).

I can’t say they’re Forever21 cheap (I can’t say that at all), they do know how to put on a good sale. So if there’s something in there that you find but can’t pay full price for, wait on it and it may get discounted. But hey, even if you do pay full price for something there it’s totally worth it, as they have several awesome ongoing programs that give back to the community and help to spread the gospel.

I may not be into chabby chic look, but I am into helping more people hear about God’s love! Go check the place out!

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