Tips that Improved My Packing

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How not to pack is high on the list of things I’ve learned from Past Elizabeth.

It’s quickly followed by “how not to pluck your eyebrows in high school”, “how not to talk to boys in your Road-Runner voice” and so on and so forth.

You’ll hear my first packing mantra in the video, but thankfully things have changed (my Eyebrows and Social Life say, “THANK GOD”).

Here is the step-by-step packing process I follow now, watch the video for additional tips YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT (I mean, I put it in all caps so it’s legit).

1. Walk yourself through your entire trip.

I thought I was a great packer, sitting in the car/plane all smug in my efficiency, but then I would get out of the shower, and need to sit in a group to discuss plans for the evening and would have to do so in my pj’s or fancy maxi dress.

Lesson learned: Walk through every step you can think of so you can have a comfortable and public appropriate leisure outfit (that could double as workout clothes if the buffet strikes too often).

2. Lay everything out then start editing down by outfits that go with the least amount of shoe-age.

I used to think I needed multiple wedges because I wasn’t about to sacrifice style for space! …Then I would end up wearing one pair only once.

Lesson learned: Pack according to your favorite most comfortable shoes (and only a few of them). You always walk more than you think you will on a trip, so pack comfortable shoes. And having just a few pairs to match to will really help refine your outfit choices and make you an overall more efficient packer. Here’s how to pick your best shoe team.

3. Add your accessories on top.

I used to pack up my clothes then go through my jewelry and pick it separately. Invariably I would miss an outfit and feel naked without the right accessories.

Lesson learned: Put your jewelry on top of each outfit you’re going to wear so you can visualize the whole look and have exactly what you need when you arrive. You can still put all your jewelry in its own bag, but this way you’ll be totally prepared.

PS: A crossbody bag (like the one pictured above) is your best purse choice – wearing it around your body makes it harder to be stolen. Just dishing out the cold hard facts.

For how to pack your makeup and for the perfect travel outfit – watch the clip!

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  1. I have to laugh about packing shoes. I remember back years ago, before they charged for bags, going to Vegas and I had one bag just for shoes. I also remember going to a conference and spending my lunch shopping for something to wear to an event that I had forgotten. Great tips.

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