The Perfect Handbag for the Season

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You’re going to want an extra shoulder.

So you read my last blog about the importance of carrying a good bag and you’re in! But now what?

You know I’m not a big proponent of following trends just because they’re trendy, so in this week’s segment on 10 News This Morning, I talked about how you can incorporate the trends while still keeping within the “classic” lines.

I mean some of the purses that came down fashion show runways were a little ridiculous (saw one that was a can of tomato soup. No soup for me, thanks). Let’s go for looking fresh yet maintaining a classic style – all the while incorporating details that fit both you and your lifestyle.

And if you need to, look at your current bag and think what you’d want to change/keep about it and go from there.

Personally? I’m going to need all these bags from Coach and Vera Bradley at West Town Mall soooo I’m gonna need to add another side hustle. No big deal, just a small non-time consuming side project that makes me millions.

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