The Only Cute Thing This Post is Missing a Puppy…Wait. Nevermind.

Clothes are fun all by themselves. But shrink them down, add sparkles and fall and colors and oh em gee we’re spilling cute all over the floor.

This week on the show I got to talk about some of the great options Gap Kids in West Town Mall has to offer. I even got inspired for my own fall wardrobe as I walked around the store, seeing all the great layering potential.

Really the lesson here is everyone (ev-er-y-one) needs a white button down and a chambray shirt. Those two pieces will stretch your other clothes far beyond your wildest dreams this fall. Because once those cooler temperatures hit it’s all about the layering, people!

Take a look at some great outfit options, they have clothes for kids ages 4-14, and thank heavens an adult store with those track pants there at the end.

Oh and here’s the puppy I promised…

zack the zebra jpg


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