Summer Style Plan

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At the start of a new season (hey there, summer) I like to make a style plan.

If you’ll remember every year I like to set style goals. I know you remember this because you re-read all the posts on The Spiff on a weekly basis, duh.

A style plan falls in line with my goals, but is just altered to fit the season and everything it entails. I hope I haven’t lost you with all this scientific style talk. I think I would have lost myself by now so I’ll quit.

Last week on the show I talked about creating a capsule wardrobe. This will help you get the most out of the pieces you’ve bought for summer, but even more importantly it will help you create cohesive looks that fit your event, your style, and you short getting-dressed time frame.

Here are a few things I didn’t get to say in the segment…

1. Look at your summer season as a whole – what does it involve the most of… Outdoor weddings? Picnics? Play dates? Whatever fills your schedule, think of those events when you look at what you’ve got and see how you can more easily get dressed for those outings.

2. Limit your clothes shopping once you’ve bought a few pieces. You want to challenge and awaken your creativity and the best way to do this is to limit what you buy for a bit. I KNOW, IT’S HARD. If you can’t cope, just “shop your closet.” Hire a friend to stand there and look at you like you don’t belong, and then hire another friend to stand there and look like they can’t wait to go home – there you go – shopping experience: check.

3. Push yourself. Style your outfits differently so that you’re not wearing the same exact outfit over and over again. Get your creative juices flowing and do your best to not wear the same pieces the same way twice!

Now watch the video for more tips on building your summer wardrobe!

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