Spiff Splash


This past June The Spiff turned 3!

Looking back at some old posts, I found a segment I used to do in the summer that I’ve decided to bring back.

Spiff Splash is a quick post with a collection of things that I think are great and want to pass on to you. Instead of a whole dunking of Spiff, it’s just a splash :)

1. Missed this weeks segment?
Catch up here and watch as I show the five beauty products that are not only going to leave you glowing and gorgeous this summer, but are also SUPER easy and will flow right into your routine.

summer scarf
Get it at Garage for $15!

2. With all the sun your skin is taking in this time of year, don’t forget to pamper it from the inside. Amp up your Vitamin E dosage so that you’re doing your largest organ good from the inside out! (Psst: Kroger runs buy one get one free sales on their vitamins all the time!) Also, click here to see all the great SPF options out there!

3. Scarves: they’re not just for cool weather any more.
For some reason I feel like someone blew out the pilot light on my burning passion for scarves this year. I just wasn’t that into them. Poor timing too, because scarves have nudged their way into summer dressing! Pick up one big/lightweight/comfy scarf for your summer indoors-no sense freezing in your sleeveless!

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