Products to Help You Look Good All Day

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Beauty that can’t stop won’t stop.

I laughed at myself the other day as I put on my makeup around 5:00, lamenting over the fact that I was putting it on for only one event.

In my college days (and even just a couple years ago) I would come home from work and fully refresh my makeup. I’m talking, take it all off and start all over again to go somewhere that night. Nowadays it’s like – Where else can I go with this face?! The store? Does anyone need me to go get them gas?

Because I’m really into the makeup-all-day thing, it’s important to find products that will have you looking fresh for hours.

I swear, Bare Minerals has crawled into my head and started eves dropping on my dreams because every time I start to get a craving for a different kind of foundation, they come out with what I was looking for.

This liquid foundation has gotten me so excited. I get the liquidy goodness of their incredible ingredients, with the coverage of a super model and they staying power of…(I can’t think of a good makeup staying power example other than cement but that’s not a good visual).

PLUS it’s only $34. Sure, it’s a few more dollars than their original powder, but it’s still way cheaper than the $60 foundation I was considering putting in my “cart.” Boy am I glad I didn’t.

Check out this week’s segment for more about that dreamy foundation, and AND see the secret weapon I use for voluminous hair (even at the end of the day)…

Want to know what to shop for this time of year? I’ve got the answer to that.

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