More Subsciption Boxes, Oh My!

Beauty boxes aren’t the only subscriptions taking over your mail box. There are other products you can subscribe to and receive in a tiny box, while still in your bathrobe. First watch my segment from yesterday, then see what else you can subscribe to!


For $16 get a new, well crafted pair of underwear in your mailbox every month. So many underwear jokes…so little time.

Wantable Accessories

For $36 a month you get 3-4 jewelry and accessory pieces based on your taste.


If you consider your initials to be DIY, this box is for you… For $15 every month you get a box filled with the materials and instructions you need to make a certain craft.


This box is like having a dermatologist who’s in love with you, sending you presents. At least that’s what you can pretend when you pay the subscription fee up front for $36. That will get you 3 months worth of Derm (we’re on good terms now so he has a nickname) approved products tailored to your skin needs. It’s a subscription for only 3 months, though because their goal is to get you in a routine using the same products once you discover what works. Also, there’s a waiting list right now.

Stay tuned for future posts on more subscription boxes! It’s an industry that’s growing by the second!

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