How to do Sparkles the Right Way

Getting ready to type a sentence about how much is going on this time of year, I got distracted thinking about how much I needed to get done today…ha.

My goal is to take as much guess work out of your holiday outfit and other beauty-related holiday things as I can. So that you don’t have tiny freak outs like I just did.
Here is the video from my segment this week talking about what to wear for holiday parties. I say “holiday” not because I’m trying to take the Christ out of Christmas, but because these could also work for New Years Eve as well, OK?! ;)

Not only do I include great pieces (thank you, Ann Taylor), but I also pass on my tips for sparkling the right way.

I’m going to go knock some things off my to-do list. YOU take less than five minutes to enjoy this segment…

Merry Christmas!

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