Fall Handbag Trends

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Fall is so close we can smell the pumpkin latte – which means it’s time to squeal with glee in a pile of boots and scarves talk about fall trends in handbags!
Here are five trends we’re going to see in handbags for this fall and some beautiful examples to go with them.
Take a minute to watch my segment from Tuesday, then see below for a run down of all the trends (plus stuff I didn’t get to say on the show)…


Part of the resurgence of the 90’s trend and a chic way to carry hands-free.

Big Sky Backpack is so deep – it could handle a big load. Made out of leather and has an easy closure and great pockets all around.

Leighton Backpack – A very dressy option with a total of six pockets. Three outside, three inside.

I am so enamored with the pairing of the tan with the metallic pattern. For someone like me who doesn’t carry anything in the brown family, this would most certainly get me to cross over. Let me reiterate – I never wear/carry/own brown or anything in the brown family unless it’s labeled “taupe” and then I’m ALL IN. ;)


The Sidesaddle Crossbody is a beautiful tan color – go with so much and is a nice alternative to black.

Nice pocket in the back, perfect shallow pocket right inside for keys. Also a beautiful inside pattern.
Square bags:

Marlo Satchel is a beauty of a bag. Nice quiet zebra pattern on the front – not too overwhelming.

Perfect side pocket for easy access to things.

One of my favorite things is it has two handle options. Long strap for hands free, and shorter handles for dress up.

I also love the metal feet on the bottom for extra protection.

Mini Marlo Crossbody is a smaller version. It has all the benefits of the larger bag, just in a smaller size. This one could more easily serve as a crossbody. I love how they build their bags with great depth and width. Sometimes you can get a bag with the same dimensions, but not the same space inside.

Animal print:

One trend both these bags hit on is the animal print. That’s big for fall – thank God, because if that weren’t the case I would look really outdated. All the time.
The print on the inside is fun, especially if you like full on zebra’s.

I love a wristlet that still has good acreage inside – I have a big wallet and this would easily accommodate that.

Over-sized bags:

Canyon Tote is definitely a good size.

This is a great fall color too, because it’s a hard color to wear sometimes. It might not accentuate your skin tone, but if you love it the best way to go with it is in a bag. Plus this would compliment all of your fall wardrobe.

It doesn’t have any secret pockets on the outside, but it does have two pockets high up on the inside so you wouldn’t have to dig far for what you need.

So many pretty things at Vera right now (well, always, but especially now). They’ve done a little re-branding and have a new logo, so be sure to go in and check them out at West Town Mall!

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