Effective {and affordable} Skincare

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The best thing in the Bare Minerals store at West Town Mall, besides all the natural makeup, or the candy-like display of eyeshadows; besides the new luxurious skincare line and the friendly staff, the best thing is the photo on the wall of a woman with freckles.

I am instantly put at ease when I see a picture of a woman whose beauty marks haven’t been edited out. It’s real, it’s honest. It’s what most people look like, for cripes sake, so why not leave it!?

Thankfully, their brand is not just a pretty beauty-marked face. They’ve got products that will actually deliver results.

I got to feature their new skincare line on the show this past Tuesday. One thing I didn’t get a chance to really go into detail about, is the fact that your skincare is so very important!

You could by the greatest, most expensive makeup in the world, but if you’re not putting it on good skin it’s not going to deliver the best results.

Five years ago I really started investing in my skincare. I’d like to say that I just wised up about taking care of the largest organ on the body, but really what happened is I broke out. Badly. It was as if I was being punished for all those zit-free teenage years. Seriously, I was a walking ProActive “before” picture.

Once I started investing in good products, my skin calmed down. We’re friends again.

What’s great about BareMinerals new line is that every product is filled with natural ingredients and it’s not something that’s going to blow your beauty budget.

Watch to see what all the benefits are, and the secret ingredient they’ve discovered that will transform your skin!

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