Confidence. Grace. Style. What Message are You Sending?

Does anyone else want to wear long gloves like one of those gorgeous women from the Hitchcock movies? Watch the segment from yesterday to see why I’ve always wanted to wear those gloves (it makes me giggle).

Kerry Washington and the costume designer for the show Scandal, collaborated with The Limited to create this gorgeous collection that’s equal parts powerful and feminine. Really, if Kerry Washington would just collaborate with someone I’d buy into it. She always looks gorgeous.

Take a look at what they’ve got even if it’s not something you think you’d wear. They’ve done such a great job of translating confidence and power while maintaining an air of graceful beauty. I’d take a venti-size portion of all those words any day. What do your clothes say about you?

It’s good to take a step back, maybe browse through our own Instagram or Facebook for the sole purpose of acting as a PR consultant. Because that’s exactly what you are for yourself. You’ve got social media platforms you step up to everyday, what is it you’re conveying to the world when you’re “up there”? Something to think about.

By the way…

Happy October!! It’s my favorite month of all!!

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