Back to School Clothes (Pretend You’re Going Back to School)

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I’ve already decided when Jackson goes to school, I’m going to bypass being sad entirely with the fact that I’ll get to buy SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!

Gah! I can’t wait. But it will get here soon enough. For now I’ll just buy them for fun and use this time of year as an excuse to spiff up my wardrobe.

As mentioned in a previous post, The Limited is offering some new stuff/discounts. The Limited in West Town Mall is now The Limited Back Room. Ooo!

We all know the “back room” is a magical place because it’s where all the good stuff is kept, i.e.: “I don’t know, let me check the BACK ROOM.” Or, “It looks like we did have your size in the BACK ROOM.” How about, “We’ve got some candy in the BAC…ok that’s not right…

Watch my segment from this week to see all the beautiful outfits that can really be mixed and matched with each other, creating an uber chic, uber spiffy wardrobe!

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