Resolution Remix

It’s about that time…that time where people are starting to maybe take the eraser to their goal list…Or maybe not look at it everyday.

OR…maybe muttering “resolutions schmezolutions” as you walk out the door in the mornings.

Here are some ways to make your goals more attainable.
(Tune in throughout the week for more!)

If “drink more water” made it to your goal list and you have an igoogle homepage, there is a (are they apps? No, gadgets?) that helps you keep track of the number of waters you’ve gone through.

If you’re not sure of the amount of water you should be drinking there are so many opinions to choose from. I heard just the other day that it should be around 16oz. per 50 lbs.
So do with that what you will.

Another good method in which to chip away at a bottle is to keep one open and handy right near you. This doesn’t work if you’re prone to throwing your hands out involuntarily, however if you’re not, keeping a bottle open nearby at all times helps to develop the sip habit that gets you through a bottle much faster.

You’re welcome :)

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