Nailed It.


These are by far the coolest nails I’ve had all year.

I’m in LOVE with anything ombre right now and so having that effect on my nails was something I just had to master.

After trying one technique that required you to mix the colors on your nails (which resulted in my husband saying, “Your nails look like crap” Ha!) I had given up hope.

Then I got an email from one of my fashion sources with precisely how to pull it off.
It took some mustering the will to try because I’ve now tried 3 different nail techniques that have all ended in disaster, so morale was low.

But morale ain’t low no mo.
Nailed it.

Here’s how you can nail it too:
1. Paint your nails the color you want to be at the base (in this case it was the black). Let it dry.
2. Get a zip lock bag and lay it flat. Pour both colors out onto the bag (or drip a lot of each using the brush). The colors should be right next to each other.
3. Take a tooth pick and mix the colors together right where they meet.
4. Get a sponge (I used a foundation sponge) and get the two colors where you want them to show up on your nails (in this case the pink was on the end of the spong and the black was at the top) and start dabbing your nails.
5. You’ll have to do several coats for the end of your nail to end up totally the other color but it’s so worth it!!
6. Finish off with a top coat because you defnitely don’t want this chipping away fast!

You can go ahead and expect this look to be tried in all kinds of color combinations on my nails this summer…and beyond!

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