How to Receive a Compliment Part II

how to receive a compliment

how to receive a compliment

The trouble with compliments, is sometimes we don’t know how to respond.

I talked about this on my morning show segment several weeks ago, but I didn’t get to everything I wanted to say. So here’s more…

When you respond to a compliment with a self-deprecating remark, it does two things. First, it highlights your insecurities.

By immediately pointing out what you don’t like about your outfit (or how you feel in it), it draws attention away from the beautiful thing you were complimented on and instead flips on a negative light. I know that sounds complex, but that’s exactly what happens.

It also puts the compliment giver on defense. Which means they have to defend to you why it is they like something you’re wearing – does that make sense? No! Does that make them want to give you more compliments in the future? They may think twice about it.

I understand that if we’re not feeling our best, it can be hard to confidently say, “Thank you.” But it’s really the best reaction. If you’re really not feeling your best, you can say something like, “I really appreciate that, I’m not feeling this outfit today but it’s what I went with. I’m so glad you said something!”

That way you don’t have to “fake” confidence, and at the same time you let them know how good their compliment made you feel. Which in turn makes them feel good, and won’t ruin your chances of getting a compliment again in the future.

There will be more blogs on this subject, I can guarantee you that. For now, be mindful of how you respond and be positive with what you’re wearing! You look beautiful today, own it and say thank you!

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