House of Glass

I was going to make the claim that everything looks better in a glass jar, but instantly that brought to mind the image I was once blessed with of some sort of pig anatomy shut up in a jar for all to see, which blows that theory right up.

Let me phrase it this way…

Most everything that we keep around our house in medium to large quantities that can fit in the palm of our hand looks better in a glass jar.
Examples of which are hair bands, cotton balls, I even keep my head bands in a pretty glass display and it instantly turns them into bureau art.  Q-tips also look great shut up in a glass jar.  I know this because I got tired of seeing the box on our bathroom counter and went out and bought a jar for $8 which instantly classed up our bathroom.

What I love most about this kind of organization is that it looks so great, and all you did was dump it in one place.  Could that BE any easier?

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