Good Day


Happy Good Friday to you!

It’s such an important weekend for many reasons.

At Easter we celebrate the fact that Jesus didn’t stay in the grave, He rose again! I’m so thankful to have a relationship with the God who gave His Son to die for my sins and who loves me so much.

He loves you too and wants to have the same kind of relationship with you! One where you rely on Him for everything. In exchange He’ll give you peace and joy and a hope for the future because He has good things planned for you!

I hope you remember all of that as you go throughout your weekend.

The other reason the next couple of days are important to me is because we are in the process of moving into our first house!

So for the next week I’ll be taking time off to get everything moved and settled again (unless I can get those people that move the President’s things from one house to another in about 90 minutes – in which case I’ll be back Monday – but probably not).

Thanks for being patient! Keep checking in with me on Instagram @_thespiffiest_ and come back for more awesome blogs in about a week!

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