Goal: Better Clothes

Every year I set a clothing goal.
Some years it’s to be more experimental, others it’s to incorporate more color.

Sometimes, I set goals season by season. I measure a successful season by how little I find myself agonizing over what to wear. If I can create an outfit easily for an entire season then I’ve built my closet well.

This translates to a number of things that can help us all have a best dressed year…
1. Keep your closet streamlined with only things you’ll absolutely wear and nothing that’s iffy.
2. Keep a list of things you realize you need/want when you’re getting dressed that way shopping is a breeze.
3. Have a vision for the look you want whether that’s through a cork board with inspiration or a notebook.
4. Pay attention to sales-but don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.
5. Never buy something that you can’t mentally make an outfit out of before you get to a cash register.

You can easily look back on 2012 and say you looked your best-it just takes a little planning!

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