Fresh Start My Eye

I’m a big fan of anything that saves me the time of having to wash my hair (one of the reasons I only wash it once a week is because it takes so long!)

So when I heard about dry shampoo almost two years ago, I was all about it. Now that everyone is jumping aboard the dry shampoo band wagon, I’m happy because it gives us more options.

I dried the Tre-Semme option last week and decided I will never make that mistake again.

They have a line of products called “Fresh start” one of which is a dry shampoo that’s reasonably priced and after my quick test squirt in the store isle I found it smells really fantastic.  But that’s where the perks end.

I sprayed it all over my head thinking it would give me a nice fresh boost of body, then I brushed it in just like they say to.  Gross!! When I tried it I was about two days away from needing to wash my hair, but after using this stuff, it was more like I needed to wash it right then (which totally defeats the purpose!).

It left my hair feeling gross, and my brush looking grosser because after brushing it in, it left all kinds of white particles all over my brush! It was a complete disaster and right away I knew I will never buy this again.

So take heed, it’s anything but a fresh start.

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