A Toothbrush, an Ice Cube and You

Is your head a freaky frizz fest?
I know what you’re going through. This time of year is good for hats, scarves and large head bands while the humidity has its way. My straightener just saw the light of day last week after being put away for about a month.
Here are two things that will keep your chia pet hair at bay that I didn’t have time to share on the show today…
First, if you’re going to wear your hair up (which isn’t a bad option this sticky time of year) and you have those little fly away hairs that pop out on the sides, you have another option other than a headband. Take an old tooth brush and spray it with hair spray. Quickly take the tooth brush and brush those little hairs into place. 
This will get them into line with the rest of your hairs without disturbing your pony tail.
Second, you’ve heard of how rinsing your hair in cold water helps close up the hair shaft right? Well, if you’re unwilling (much like me) to endure the last moments of your relaxing shower doing the dance around the cold stream, then don’t. Enjoy the last moments of your shower, then when you’re out get an ice cube and run it down your hair all over your head after you’ve combed your hair into it’s regular shape.
This closes up the hair shaft (much like the cold water in the shower), without all that cold water in the shower. Duh, right?
I know fall is the greatest time of year, but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the here and now. And I’m very familiar with disliking the here and now because of hair, so I want to help in any way I can to make you and your hair’s relationship a happy one :) 
Thanks for reading and watching!

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  1. Hello friend! Thought I’d leave a comment instead of stalking your blog! So proud of you for all you’re accomplishing. I knew you when….well, we all have embarrassing high school stories that are better left unsaid, right?!

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