Top 5 Best Beauty Products of 2017

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It’s so fun to see every year what new product is going to come out to make us look 25 years younger, more rested and generally more like a super model.

I’ve pulled together 5 of my favorite things from this year and want to share them with you!

One: Magnetic Lashes

Ground breaking when it comes to having full lashes without having to keep a regular appointment. By far, the best beauty purchase of 2017. I can’t wait to see what else the company comes out with!

Two: Derma Roller

Skin care is so important no matter your age. This popular regimen of poking tiny needles in your skin is said to promote collagen, and open up your skin to really soak in your products. I’ve seen a difference in my own skin since starting about a month ago. Good news is these rollers are pretty cheap – good news because you should replace them every 15 uses. Also be sure to wash them afterwards.

Here’s a great video that explains how to do it.

Three: Soft Surroundings Silk Pillow Case

I talk about this in the link above. Just know it’s going to help your skin and hair in the long run!

Four: Bare Minerals Foundation

Greatest. Foundation. Everrrrrrr. You guys!! *Deep breath* It’s long lasting, has SPF20, has beautiful, buildable coverage, lays great on your skin, blends nicely – I can’t rave about it enough. And did I mention it’s long lasting? I can put it on at 7 in the morning and not need a touch up at 4 in the AFTERNOON. It’s ah-maz-ing.

Five: Matte Lipsticks

I’m loving the surge of matte lips. I think they look way less fussy, more “natural” as in they don’t overpower your whole face but still give you great color. Bare Minerals version is my favorite (it’s actually hydrating!) especially now that they have a bunch of punchy colors.

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