Time to Rejuvenate Your Beauty Routine

September is the perfect time to replenish your skin since we’re finished with most of the heat/chlorine exposure from over the summer, and have yet to hit the really dry weather. It’s also a fun time to start changing up your makeup routine for fall!

Today I have lots of products that will help you from start to finish in this process, and they’re all from Dillard’s in West Town Mall.

product collage

Starting with what you’re using to wash your face…

FAB First Aid Beauty wipes – They’re so saturated in cleanser, you could even cut one in half and get double the 30 wipes. This is one of the best selling cleansing lines out there. Free of all bad chemicals, they’ll take off all your makeup and leave behind things like chamomile, aloe and antioxidants.

Philosophy Purity Face Wash – This bottle will last a long time which is great because Philosophy is a trustworthy brand. All natural and repeatedly being voted as the best  – Glamour magazine just did a reader pole and this won for best department store cleanser.

Osmotics – The whole line is great for anti-aging products. This cooling moisture mist is good for refreshing your makeup, leaving you feeling refreshed, calm and cool. It supposed to plump and soothe lines and is anti-inflammatory.

After you wash your face, the next thing you should be applying is a moisturizer…

StriVectin Present Perfect lotion is great for people in their 20’s and 30’s who are wanting to prevent signs of aging. It’s light, can be used both day and night, full of antioxidants and helps to brighten up your skin overall.

Glam Glow – Someone say ultra hydration? You can wear it as a mask for 10-20 minutes and wipe it off, or let it soak in overnight. This line was developed for celebrities then later made available to everyone (the common folk). Which makes me wonder what else those people are holding back from us!? Men can even use it for irritation after shaving.

Bliss Multi-face-eted Anti-Aging Clay Mask – Shrinks pores, reduces lines, evens out skin tone. This one you leave on for only 5-7 minutes twice a week. It’s got all the good kind of ingredients to make your skin look gorgeous – like having a spa treatment at your house!

In order to lock in that moisture and create a smooth canvas for your foundation to sit on, you’ve got to use a primer…

Smashbox Under Eye Primer – Genius. You’ve heard of primer for your lids, this is primer for under your eyes. It’s supposed to brighten that area and allow your concealer to stay all day. You can use it alone or under concealer.

Smashbox Foundation Primer – It claims to minimize your pores for 8 hours. This you can also wear alone, under makeup or use it for touch ups.

And for the grand finale…

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette – Fool proof eyeshadow application. Start in the middle and work your way out on the pallet and your eyes. Use the left side (fluffier) part of the brush for shimmer, and the tighter side for matte color application. There’s an instruction booklet to show you what colors should go where for your eye shape. All of it comes with a mascara for only $50.

Bliss Fabulips – Comes with a lip cleanser (perfect for left over lip stains), scrub, plumper and softening balm. I love this for coming off of summer where we may have gotten sunburned lips. Also good for removing the dark colors that are big this fall…

Smashbox plum scene – Plum is a beautiful color to play with and it doesn’t go on as scary as it looks. You can go really light with it and get a nice fall lip.

They also have a great long wear lip lacquer that stays on like a stain but has the sheen of a gloss.

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