Time-Savers to Help You Look Cute Quick

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The minute my alarm goes off tomorrow morning, I’m going to be reaching to slap it first, then I’m going to be reaching for whatever makes me look cute the fastest (there’s a couple things that go on in between those two actions…yoga, making a three course breakfast, cleaning and re-organizing my house, grinding fresh beans for coffee…just your average morning routine).

Here are three easy tricks to help you look pulled together in a jiffy.

One: Patterns.

A pattern automatically gives your outfit visual interest, which means you can get away with accessorizing very little or not at all.

The fact that we’re currently in the middle of winter, plaid is a great pattern to grab with its depths of colors and lines. It goes beyond stripes, but don’t tell stripes I said that.

Pick this top up at The Limited in West Town Mall

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Two: Bold Lips.

If you don’t have time to do a full-on eye routine, a bold lip gives you an intentional, pulled together look. This NARS lipstick stays put very well and the color is matte and beautiful.

Get your own at Sephora in West Town Mall.

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Three: Tunic Tops.

This time of year especially it’s nice to wear tights and tights with a top that’s comfortable, warm and can support a great scarf. Tunics are a constant in my world right now, this exact tunic especially.

It looks like you’re wearing two pieces but in fact you’re wearing one. It’s super comfortable and has that magical ability to be dressed up or down. I tell you, ladies, I own three and I wish I could poses more colors.

In the spring I think I’ll try tucking that bottom layer into a maxi skirt to get more use out of it.

You can pick yours up at TheLimited.

the limited, tunic top, how to get ready fast, how to look cute quick, knoxville fashion bloggerIn all the time I just saved you, you’ll have just enough minutes to read another post on The Spiff. How perfect! ;)

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