The Scandal Collection

The Limited has teamed up with the TV show Scandal to produce a line of clothes based on Kerry Washington’s character.

Umm… Why haven’t we done this before?!

Getting to shop looks from a character who has great style is, in a word, magnificent. I so wish someone would do that with Gina Torres’ character on Suits! But in order for other shows to get the hint, we need to buy up clothes from this one.

So I’ve pulled three items from the line that will flow beautifully into your everyday life, even if it doesn’t involve running a crisis management firm and apparently juggling many high-powered crises of your own…

This elbow sleeve sweater in pink is so feminine yet so sexy. Good thing too, because that’s what they were going for with this entire collection (I just thought I’d wow you there with my description). You could wear this so many ways – pair it with boyfriend jeans, leopard heels and some diamond encrusted earrings for a fabulous breakfast out with friends, or wear it with tapered black pants, flats and a low bun for looking chic while running errands.

pink sweater

Whether you report to an office or not, this gorgeous drape neck shell is begging to be part of your wardrobe. Why? Because it wants to get in there and fix that blazer crisis that happens when you have a fabulous blazer but nothing to wear underneath it.

drape front blouse

From what I hear, this draped front open cardigan would be something Kerry Washington’s character would wear when lounging and drinking wine. I typically don’t lounge around in something so chic (ok well sometimes I do). But I would wrap up in this soft son of a bean for all kinds of events…shopping, meetings, Tuesdays.

waterfall sweater

 Like I said, the whole collection’s about looking smart and sexy. I’m not going to go all women’s lib on you, but that is a great combination of adjectives. So even if you don’t think you’re going to have any important meetings with the President next week (check your calendar just to be sure), you should definitely these pieces to your fall wardrobe. Good thing they’re all available at The Limited in West Town Mall. *sly grin.

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