The Makeup of the Future is Here and It’s Awesome

Full disclosure: I’ve left Bare Minerals before to try and find a better foundation. Actually, that’s half disclosure. Full disclosure is that I’ve left them twice in the past 4 years to play the field a little bit.

And “play the field” is the absolute best way to put it (why thank you) because I never had a good reason for leaving. I just wanted to try new things, sew my wild makeup oats.

The truth is I never strayed very far, because in all of my research and in testing other products I consistently found Bare Minerals to be the best.

My number one requirement? Match my skin tone. I switched to Bare Minerals because my last foundation was taking up too much of the spotlight. Not only does Bare Minerals blend well, but the original formula has SPF, leaves a gorgeous glow-y sheen (something I really missed when trying other products), and is made up of only FIVE ingredients.

One of the biggest selling points of this makeup to me was the fact that you can fall asleep in it and it won’t harm your skin. Now, I’ve never fallen asleep in my makeup ever EVER (and neither should you, young lady), but knowing that this stuff is that natural really gave me peace of mind.

But truthfully my goal wasn’t to talk about their foundation, I want to talk about some of their other great products…

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They have a new brush bar that’s filled with luxurious brushes you are going to wish were king size so you could take a nap inside them.

Oh yeah and they also work really well to distribute product on your face (you know, that’s kind of a big deal). As I’ve said so many times before, brushes really take your makeup job to the next level and can easily and quickly give you more of a professional look.

And let’s pause for a moment of gratitude for the fact that they’re all reasonably priced around $30 or so.

Next on the list of things to try? Their lip gloss. It’s hydrating and wonderful and think of all the combinations you could create with this set!

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Finally, their Primer.

Let’s say you’re not a believer in primer and that you think it’s a waist of time. If that’s the case then you probably don’t have wrinkles you’d like to minimize, or uneven skin tone you’d like to hide. I guess you’re living the good life with perfectly moist skin that’s not too oily and locks onto your foundation all the day long.

If any of those things describe your face – go ahead, live your primer-free life. You deserve it, Fancy Face.

Everyone else? Let’s prep our skin. This stuff goes on so smoothly and, depending on the formula you choose, can brighten your skin, even out redness, control oil, smooth away flakes, and set the stage for a flawless performance from your foundation.

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Bare Minerals isn’t paying me to say this. I’m just a consumer truly happy with a product, and I think you will be too. They’ve got lots of great products in their store so check them out in West Town Mall right behind Starbucks.

If my word isn’t enough (as golden and true as it is, how could it not be?) what about a little deal sweetener…this weekend is Friends and Family discount days where you get 20% off (Friday, June 5th – Sunday, June 7th).

The fullest disclosure? That’s a deal.


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    1. Thank you! :)

      I am wearing Color Club’s “Mod in Manhattan.” It is the greatest white nail polish I have ever come across! I don’t think they sell the color by itself anymore, but here is one that’s close to it.

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