Sweaters to Bulk up Your Collection, Not Your Body

sweaters for fall

sweaters for fallI’ve already started planning how I’m going to celebrate when the clock strikes 10:40pm next Monday and fall officially arrives. So far included in that plan is dancing, confetti, and then some more dancing (ok I never said I was lavishly planning).

Looking at sweaters just gets me so giddy about getting to walk out of the house all comfy and cozy. They’re such a comfortable way to add texture to your looks for fall.

Here are 7 sweaters that can really fill up your whole week with cute/comfortable looks!

1. Sunday: This GAP sweater is a classic. It’s iconic. And since graphic t-shirts and sweaters are so popular right now, why not get into it with something that will always be in style. I love how this one has the GAP letters in a matte cloth, that totally updates the whole thing to 2014.

2. Monday: Aero (or Aeropostale as we know it) has a really awesome selection of sweaters that can really update your basics. Like this v-neck pink number. I’d wear this with some polka dot skinnies for a cute look, or pair it with gray hounds tooth slacks for a softer look for the office.

3. Tuesday: A floral pattern is such a fun way to add personality to neutrals. This floral sweater from Aerie (not to be confused with “Aero” …apparently vowels are cool) would be an unexpected piece when worn over  a white button down, or a button down with tiny polka dots if you’re feeling the need to pattern mix!

4. Wednesday: Now that Tuesday’s had all the crazy pattern mixing fun, let’s tone it back down with some soft gray for Wednesday. Wait…this is American Eagle knit let’s a little light, so be sure to wear a colorful tank underneath.

5. Thursday: I’ve got this exact sweater in an off white/sparkly color and I love it. It’s from Aerie and the cowl neck and slim sleeves makes it so that you don’t feel frumpy, but rather very dangerously cute. And feeling very dangerously cute on a Thursday is a must.

6. Friday: I’ve tried on this muted hounds tooth waterfal cardigan from Aeropostale, and I’ve fallen in love. It’s super duper uber soft, and needs to get in my closet.

7. Saturday: A great henley sweater, some boyfriend jeans, a long necklace and some Keds is the formula for good Saturday dressing. Get your Saturday collection started off right with this one from American Eagle.

Did I mention yet that all of these can be found in West Town Mall? No? Well now you know.

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